Autonomous Systems (AutoSys)

Autonomous Systems: Path Planning and Control (115069, 135035, 265073, 305036) is a course in the master programs of the department Mechanics and Electronics with following contents:

  • software architecture of automated driving functions
  • introduction to modeling and simulation of dynamic state-space models in C++ or MATLAB/Simulink
  • modeling and simulation of vehicle dynamics in C++ or MATLAB/Simulink
  • defininition of reference paths using track segments and splines
  • design of speed and path following controllers
  • programming / modeling and testing path following controllers in C++ or MATLAB/Simulink
  • application the simulation models, speed and path following controllers in driving scenarios, such as race tracks, parking, crossroads, roundabouts etc
  • team work in lab projects

On demand, the course is either in German or English.

Following toolchains are applied:

  • ROS (Robot Operation System) on Linux is applied as the simulation and control environment of the lab project. The software components of ROS required for vehicle dynamics simulation and path following control are implemented either in C++14 or MATLAB/Simulink.
  • In case of C++14, the compile-tool chain GNU C++ and the integrated development environment (IDE) QT Creator are applied.

The course contents are in ILIAS: